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2022 Seahawks Schedule: Seattle to open season at home vs. Russell Wilson, Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It looks as if the final game of Week 1 of the 2022 NFL season will be Russell Wilson’s first game in Seattle as an opposition quarterback.

As part of the many leaks and confirmations and rumors swirling around online ahead of the full schedule release, the Seattle Seahawks’ home opener is reportedly going to be on Monday Night Football against the Denver Broncos on September 12th. Yes, that means Wilson would get to start his Broncos career playing against the team he was with for ten seasons and won a Super Bowl with (by defeating the team he’s on right now!).

Local Denver reporter Vic Lombardi has the scoop.

For what it’s worth, Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright knows Denver’s schedule and has hinted at Russell’s return being a Monday nighter.

You might have seen some rumors on Twitter and other places that Broncos at Seahawks would be a Sunday Night Football game. That was bunk from the start given the Mariners have a Sunday home game, and those two teams playing at home on the same day is a traffic nightmare and thus an obvious no-go. However, the M’s are off on Monday and that clears the way for the Seahawks to have a Week 1 home opener.

It’s going to be surreal watching Wilson in another uniform and having to deal with Seattle’s crowd noise. One can only wonder how the crowd reaction will be when he steps onto the field. I would expect enormous cheers given all he’s done for the team and the city, but the way the break-up happened you never know if there are some boos mixed in.

Of course, the real reason Broncos vs. Seahawks is kicking off MNF is for the massive selling point of the Noah Fant and Shelby Harris revenge games.

We’re exactly four months away from opening day of the Seahawks’ season!

Update: Official!