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Media has little faith Seahawks can be a winning team in 2022

Jacksonville Jaguars v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Analysts tend to wait until the finalized NFL schedule has been released to predict team records, mostly because there’s not much to analyze after that.

For the new-look Seattle Seahawks...well, at least it’s been consistent. Between four and seven wins has been the number all over the country.

Here’s the roundup from many of the people who get paid to take guesses on these sorts of things.

ESPN and Brady Henderson: 7 wins

there’s enough talent elsewhere on their roster — and enough weak-looking opponents with iffy QB situations of their own — to scratch out seven wins. That will require one notable upset.

Per Ben Baldwin synthesizing betting odds, Seahawks at 4 wins

Pro Football Network - 5.5 wins

Bleacher Report - 4 wins. “Seattle will likely have a top five draft pick in 2023.”

Brady Quinn and the fellas at CBS Sports HQ - 6 wins - 5.5 wins.

So nobody thinks this team will be all that good, but Seattle has the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, New York Giants, and Detroit Lions, who are pretty bad. Even these Seahawks should beat the San Francisco 49ers at least once, and then there’s some wildcards like the New York Jets.

All to say there’s a lot of room for the Seahawks to outperform the projections of near-cellar-dwellers this season.

Besides, go beat the Denver Broncos and make them have the higher draft pick, anyway.