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The Social Club: The worst Seahawks game you’ve ever seen

Seattle Seahawks v Cleveland Browns Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

We’re in the most boring part of the NFL offseason, which means it’s time to do a less topical version of The Social Club.

I don’t think there’s too much debate over the best Seattle Seahawks games you’ve ever seen. An overwhelming majority of them will have been within the last 15-20 years and the most popular answer would be Super Bowl XLVIII, both because the Seahawks won the damn thing but also they led for 59:48 out of a possible 60:00. They dominated the Denver Broncos from start to finish and never let up.

You know what’s harder to do? Think of the shitty games. And I posed this question to Field Gulls Twitter followers with the clear distinction that losses where they played well but lost close don’t count. These have to be Seahawks performances so poor it makes you question why you even watch football. I got a wide variety of answers but no answer was more prevalent than the one that’s my personal hell: The 6-3 stinker Seattle lost to the Cleveland Browns in 2011.

The Twitterverse has had its opinion. Some of the Jim Mora games really escaped my memory for a minute. Now it’s time for the comments section to reach deep into bad memories and discuss terrible Seahawks football.