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Report: Seahawks decline L.J. Collier’s fifth-year option

Los Angeles Chargers v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Two weeks after the Seattle Seahawks picked up the fifth-year option for new TE Noah Fant, they are turning down that of another player.

L.J. Collier will not reap the final benefits of his first round draft pick, per Jeremy Fowler at ESPN.

The only surprise here will be for people who (1) didn’t know they hadn’t done this yet, and (2) didn’t know he was still on the roster.

Yeah, now that Rashaad Penny might actually be incredible, $11.5 million for the worst first-round pick of John Schneider’s career? No thanks.

This time, speculation on whether Collier even makes the roster is completely fair game. He played in 10 games last season, and was a starter for 0 of them. Boye Mafe enters the scene, as does Tyreke Smith and that Uchenna Nwosu dude they signed from the Los Angeles Chargers.

They can always let the contract expire and hope to re-sign at a much cheaper deal, as they did with Penny.

This time, it’s probably not the goal.