Statistically It Will Not Happen

I cannot lie. I am enamored with an UDFA signing. Mr. Levi Lewis.

I am not a guy who puts everything into an X’s and O’s standpoint. Those who can, I appreciate, because there is often their words helping explain my impressions. This draft has me tingling, and Lewis … omg (chat speak, there is a rebel inside me wanting to break rules, there is also a poet trying to express the initial reaction). OMG.

Here is the deal.

Thinking of Wilson. I remember seeing his film before the draft. I was impressed with him. I wrote it on a Fan Post. Of course I watched that summer, the streaming mock game, how Wilson conducted himself... it was a moment of Zen. There is nothing more exciting then recognizing talent and watching it become reality as a fan, validation for a smug grin.

Lewis doesn't look like the same player as Wilson. Sure there are some attributes both QBs seem to share, shiftiness for example, Lewis can make it happen with his legs, as can Wilson, but there is something different down the middle of the field.

All the talk, perhaps the translation from a small school to the NFL, the outstanding odds against an UDFA stepping behind center as a starter, his size. Its all talked about as a disadvantage. All I see is challenge accepted, and maybe because of it, a headier, better field general taking snaps and making it happen. Levi Lewis doesn't appear to be a one read QB, It makes me wonder if overcoming the challenges of not being the prototypical size, and whatever else is used as caution, the proverbial chip that wants to those statistics and shove them down someone's ... well you get the picture.

The truth is, the Hawks just need someone to be a QB who can beat Geno Smith. When I look around the league, there are QBs I would love to have who are not necessarily as great as Wilson. Derek Carr comes to mind, and right now, I think the hawks would be damn competitive if Carr were behind center. How much success can the Hawks have in 2023?

The oh my god moment is a what if, really. What if Levi Lewis is good enough to be better than Geno.

I find it very interesting to have heard Charles Cross state he has been practicing at both Left and Right Tackle. Lewis is a lefty. You just don't really know, but it sure makes a compelling case of "What if", and with Walker in there too, could be more than enough offense.

What if next year during the draft we didn't need a QB? Yeah, that's some crazy OMG right there.