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The Social Club: The best performance you’ve ever seen from a Seahawks player

Raiders v Seahawks X

We’ve got a holiday weekend edition of The Social Club, where we ask questions about the Seattle Seahawks and you give your answers on social media and eventually in the comments section.

This week is a more uplifting one than remembering the worst Seahawks games we’ve ever seen. We’re talking about the greatest Seahawks individual performances in franchise history. I’m talking about Russell Wilson’s five touchdowns against the Pittsburgh Steelers, or Shaun Alexander’s 266-yard demolition of the Oakland Raiders, or Kam Chancellor’s performance in the Super Bowl win over the Denver Broncos, or really anything you want! I didn’t create parameters other than “individual performance” and not the entire team.

There were a lot of great answers and a wide variety of them, too! Let’s go!

I like Stan’s the best just because of the GIF. Ray Lewis was breakdancing in the middle of the game.

Discuss away! Let’s reminisce about great Seahawks football and great performances by Seahawks players.