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Kam Chancellor wants to buy the Seahawks

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Kam Chancellor owned skinny wide receivers. Made them his little, well, anyway, now he’d like to own something a little bigger.

I think he wants to buy the Seattle Seahawks.

Chancellor earned over $48 million during his career. In other words, not enough to have a conversation about getting to the table to talk about buying an NFL franchise.

But perhaps the team’s best strong safety of all time is after something else.

This is not actually the first time Chancellor has expressed interest in higher decision-making with the Seahawks. As the dust settled on the 2021 season, he spoke up in presumed defense of Pete Carroll, or at the very least indicated he still cares about the long-term future of the organization.

We covered earlier this week how the prescribed deadline to sell both the Seahawks and Portland Trailblazers may be sped up. Additionally, John GIlbert indicated that rumors are Jody Allen may be interested in retaining partial ownership of the Seattle team only.

So despite the overwhelming excitement in the comments of Kam’s tweet, he does not have the buying power necessary. However, he might be the most likeable athlete left from the Legion of Boom era, alongside K.J. Wright and Marshawn Lynch.

These unusual partnerships are not unheard of, and are even growing - Alex Rodriguez just went in with a billionaire to get 20% ownership in the Minnesota Timberwolves.

But man, people want this, and it’s adorable. Here’s a few of my favorite responses:

Kam Chancellor has been open about his desire to make a change on the football field, but not as a player or coach. He does seem serious about stepping into high level leadership, as indicated by his comments with Seattle Refined in January of this year:

It’s never been anything that’s been on my mind, but never say never. If that’s where God leads me, then I’d be open to it. I’m actually more open to ownership and equity coaching. We have to step it up a little bit and do it a little different now. Especially when it comes to players who have been through football and actually know what it takes to win a championship and lead a room of alpha males. There comes a point where we need to offer more. We are a part of building this big machine.

We’ll see what comes of this quest from one of the greatest to ever play the game for the Seattle Seahawks.