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Final results for the 2022 Field Gulls Armchair GM Challenge

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 28 Guaranteed Rate Bowl - West Virginia v Minnesota Photo by Kevin Abele/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Draft is now in the rear view mirror, and several teams across the league had an opportunity to see their new youngsters on the field for the first time this weekend at rookie minicamps. For the Seattle Seahawks, that meant a first look at the members of their draft class and the group of undrafted free agents picked up in the wake of the draft.

For Field Gulls readers, it means that it is now time to look at the final standings for the 2022 Field Gulls Armchair GM Draft Challenge. Before jumping into the results of the competition, here is a reminder of who the Seahawks added in the draft, with the number of entries which correctly selected that particular player.

  • 1.9: Charles Cross, 72
  • 2.40: Boye Mafe, 120
  • 2.41: Kenneth Walker III, 35
  • 3.72: Abraham Lucas, 153
  • 4.109: Coby Bryant, 16
  • 5.153: Tariq Woolen, 48
  • 5.158: Tyreke Smith, 4
  • 7.229: Bo Melton, 8
  • 7.233: Dareke Young, 0

So, obviously there was a lot of success on Day 2 of the draft for entrants, while Day 3 did not bring the same results. In any case, here are the top ten:

10: Kjhawksea (82)
9: [Entrant Name Left Blank] (83)
7T: MicahScott12 (84)
7T: NiklasFromFinland (84)
6: HNRY (87)
5: JacksonJoyner (89)
4: [Entrant Name Left Blank] (91)
3: SmartAssCoug (95)
2: seahawkdroog (97)
1: FuazzyMoto (105)

Feels safe to assume that the two entrants who failed to provide a username with their entry were Pete Carroll and John Schneider planning to win using their burner accounts, but were unable to select the players they wanted with Jody Allen watching over their shoulder during the draft.