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The Social Club: Remembering our favorite Seahawks road wins

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers

Welcome to this week’s Social Club, where we ask the Twitterverse questions about the Seattle Seahawks and then the best answers get published here!

The theme for this week is favorite road wins. I made it very clear that this had to be a true road game, so the 50-17 thumping against the Buffalo Bills in Toronto didn’t count, neither does the trip to London to play the Oakland Raiders, and obviously the Super Bowl win was neutral site. Going into the other team’s building, especially if it’s a notoriously hostile and difficult place to play, is one of the great feelings in competitive sport.

If nothing else, the Pete Carroll era has produced a lot of phenomenal road wins that weren’t exactly plentiful under Mike Holmgren. Many of the answers were within the Carroll era, but a couple of responses from the Holmgren and Chuck Knox eras did sneak in. I’m personally partial to the 2012 road win over the Chicago Bears, which essentially was the difference between Seattle making and missing the playoffs in a year where 10-6 wasn’t good enough. That was Russell Wilson’s true emergence as a superstar, and that kickstarted the run of blowout victories that announced the Seahawks’ arrival as a true contender.

Now let’s look at your answers!

Good memories. Now it’s time for the comments section to provide more!