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Richard Sherman joins Amazon’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ broadcast team

(01/29/2015 Phoenix, AZ) Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman answers a question about his very pregnant wife who could potentially give birth on Super Bowl Sunday at his press availability at the Arizona Grand Resort in advance of Superbowl Photo by Matt West/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald via Getty Images

Richard Sherman has a new job, and yet has not shut the door on playing in the NFL.

The future Hall of Fame corner who was drafted by and starred for the Seattle Seahawks will join the Amazon Prime team for your Thursday Night Football coverage.

Sherman, graduate from Stanford, who has always been intelligent and has given thought to future careers such as NFLPA president, is excited to begin commentating but does not believe this signals the end of his days on the field.

He is, however, 34 years old and has suffered multiple significant injuries throughout his career.

Sherman has what it takes to be great here. He’s funny, super smart, and if Amazon knows what they’re doing at any level, will encourage him to tap into some of the brashness that made him one of the league’s most famous interviews.

Think his responses to Skip Bayless and Erin Andrews, though perhaps he’ll be asked to find a slightly more diplomatic touch.

Hopefully just a little bit.