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How the Seahawks’ 4th down decisions hurt Michael Dickson’s stats

Detroit Lions v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Michael Dickson is a really good punter.

Why does he not get Pro Bowl votes anymore since his rookie season?

It’s simple, unfortunately. The coaching decisions have made Dickson even less than ordinary.

According to a recent article from Football Outsiders, Dickson can squarely attribute his extremely average stats to the fact that the Seattle Seahawks punt in opponent territory more than any other team.

It’s a little worse, too - Seattle punted from the wrong side of midfield 21 times last year, the most of any team since 2018.

So, out of 83 punts last year, Dickson had a solid 25% of them with an absolute maximum distance of 49 yards. Generally speaking, you’re shooting for 35-40 or so at that point.

Down goes average yards per punt, down goes Pro Bowl votes, down goes EPA, win percentage, another beer, and everything else that goes with a 4th and 1 kick from the 47 yard line.

Pete Carroll’s got a NFL Ferrari of a kicker and drives it primarily in school zones.

Carroll had the league’s lowest aggressiveness index of 2021. This should not really surprise anyone, given his strategy and philosophy and all that stuff we’re too used to up here. However, kicking from 4th and 14 against the Pittsburgh Steelers from the opposing 39-yard line in a tie game is...two steps beyond unaggressive.

But hey look on the bright side, if Seattle can’t get across midfield as much in 2022, Dickson is back to booming!