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Market for a DK Metcalf extension not getting more friendly for Seahawks

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Fans of the Seattle Seahawks have been waiting since the curtain came down on the 2021 NFL season for breaking news on a report of a contract extension for 2019 second round pick DK Metcalf. Metcalf, of course, became extension eligible as soon as the final whistle sounded in the Hawks Week 18 win over the Arizona Cardinals, and this is not such a report.

This is a report of yet another member of the 2019 wide receiver class who has put pen to paper and inked a second contract. Today it is Terry McLaurin of the Washington Football Team or the Washington Commanders or the Washington whatever who has reportedly reached agreement on a new deal.

While it may appear upon initial glance that this 3-year, $71M extension, an average of $23.67M per year, for McLaurin is good news for fans who don't want the Seahawks to pay Metcalf $25M per year, the simple fact that it's a three year deal explains that. The longer a contract a player signs, the more they are able to demand in time premium for the contract, so this contract likely does not move the needle off a deal in the $25M per year range for Metcalf.

That said, congratulations to McLaurin, and now the 2019 receiver class is effectively down to Metcalf and Deebo Samuel, who share the same agent, waiting for their turn to sign an extension as the Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers face off in an intra-divisional staring contest to see who gets to pay less by blinking first.

For those curious about more of the details of the contract, here is a bit more from Ian Rapoport.