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Another star receiver not named DK Metcalf gets contract extension

Los Angeles Rams Mandatory Minicamp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Good news: A star NFC West wide receiver has gotten his contract extension.

Bad news: It’s not DK Metcalf.

Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp has joined teammate Aaron Donald in securing the bag from the Los Angeles Rams front office. It’s a three-year extension with $75 million guaranteed (and a total of $80 million as part of the deal), making it the largest guarantee for a wide receiver in NFL history.

But hey! These big paydays and extensions come at a cost. Travin Howard, who made the game-winning interception to send the Rams to the Super Bowl, was released as part of this monumental deal for Kupp.

So here we are in this offseason dominated in part by wide receivers getting traded and/or securing big contracts, and still nothing on Metcalf. Kupp obviously just landed a deserved huge pay raise, Tyreek Hill got one from the Miami Dolphins after the Kansas City Chiefs wouldn’t give him one, Davante Adams has a new deal after his trade to the Las Vegas Raiders, and Stefon Diggs inked a new contract with the Buffalo Bills that includes $70 million in guarantees. Oh, and more Metcalf relevant given they’re from the same draft class, A.J. Brown was dealt to the Tennessee Titans and his contract with the Philadelphia Eagles nets him an average of $25 million per year.

“The price of the brick going up,” Marlo Stanfield once said on The Wire.

Of course, the disgruntled Deebo Samuel and Terry McLaurin are both up for their own extensions, so Metcalf is hardly the only one within his own draft class still waiting, but he’s seemingly getting costlier by the day.