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Casual Friday: It’s grilling SZN!

Daily Life In Krakow Photo by Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Welcome to Casual Friday, where Seahawks football is set aside for some general chit-chat in an open thread format.

It’s Canada Day for our friends up north, and Monday is Independence Day in the United States. Apparently it’s National Grilling Month which I didn’t know was a thing, but at least since the end of May it has been grilling season for many grillmasters and people who like grilled food.

For me it doesn’t get much better than grilled food. Meat is number one but if you do it right, grilled vegetables are outstanding, ditto grilled seafood. I’ve never had grilled fruit but maybe one of these days I can be convinced to eat a grilled pineapple.

You got any favorite food to grill, whether from your own household or from a local joint you frequent? Hamburgers and hot dogs will probably be popular answers but I really don’t eat either of those things too often. I got a couple of Mediterranean places in my area that do phenomenal grilled lamb skewers, and if lamb wasn’t so costly I’d probably be eating that every week. You also can’t go wrong with grilled chicken, and I’m the type of person who likes the skin darkened just enough to get that crisp without making it dry.

Oh yes, and grilled corn on the cob >>>>>>>>>