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Ich ben ein footballer: Tickets for Seahawks-Bucs sell out within minutes of going live

NFL: Super Bowl LVI-NFL International Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks are set to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Munich on November 13th, with both teams participating in the first ever NFL game to be played in Germany. And if anybody doubted how hotly anticipated this inaugural sporting event is, you can be reassured that at least a few people are looking forward to some Bavarian Ball... a few hundred thousand at least.

According to the General Manager of NFL Germany, Alexander Steinforth, this level of excitement is unprecedented for a German sporting event. According to Bugner, who was quoting from the GM’s LinkedIn profile, Steinforth had the following to say:

“But the numbers we saw just now were absolutely crazy: 700,000 fans (!!) queuing digitally in our shop at 9:59 am. All tickets taken within minutes. Never witnessed a similar demand for any other sports event in Germany...”

For those who are curious, this is nearly ten times the capacity of Allianz Stadium, which, according to The Scotsman, is just over 75,000. Obviously, this level of hype isn’t purely based around the Seattle Seahawks. But that isn’t stopping fans (and, more accurately, resellers) from driving resale prices through the proverbial roof shortly after tickets sold out. The current going rate is near $700, and ranges up into the thousands depending on seat location. As of about five minutes ago, this is what the StubHub site is looking like.

For fans who aren’t realistically going to be dropping hundreds on individual tickets, it appears that Frankfurt Stadium will be streaming the game live.

The Seahawks-Bucs game is one of five international games set for 2022. Per Grant Gordon of

“Five NFL teams will play 2022 international games in three countries — highlighted by the Green Bay Packers’ first international trip and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers playing the first-ever regular-season game in Germany — the league announced Monday.

The Arizona Cardinals will play in the NFL’s first game in Mexico since 2019, while the Packers will be joined by the Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints in playing games in the United Kingdom. The Bucs will debut in Germany.”