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Report: Cardinals to extend Kyler Murray

Syndication: Arizona Republic Patrick Breen/The Republic / USA TODAY NETWORK

It's been an offseason of change at the quarterback position for NFC West teams. The biggest move, of course, came via the Seattle Seahawks trade of nine time Pro Bowl quarterback Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos for a haul of picks and a trio of players. However, that isn't the only anticipated movement at the position within the division, as the San Francisco 49ers have long been expected to move on from Jimmy Garoppolo In favor of Trey Lamps, the third overall pick in 2021.

Thursday, however, comes news of a different type for the position, as the Arizona Cardinals are reportedly set to keep Kyler Murray in Glendale for the foreseeable future by making him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in league history.

This, of course, will be seen one of two ways by Seattle fans. There are those who will be excited at the possibility of the Cardinals facing cap constraints going forward as they will now have to build the rest of the roster around Murray's contract. On the flip side, others are likely to lament the fact that Murray will now be a force to be reckoned with in the NFC West for several years to come, while the Seahawks continue to search for Wilson's successor. And, as Field Gulls own Mookie Alexander laid out earlier Thursday, the investigation into who will replace Russ at quarterback in 2022 starts with Drew Lock and Geno Smith.

In any case, Murray will now be under contract for the next seven years - through 2028 - for $271.6M, or an average of $38.8M per year.