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Pete Carroll tests positive for COVID

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks return to the practice field Monday after an off day Sunday, however the team will be without one key member for at least some time.

As the official statement from the team notes, Pete Carroll is only experiencing mild symptoms at this point in time. Hopefully that does not change, and Carroll is able to return to the team in a timely fashion.

Seattle was, of course, one of the teams that weathered COVID the best during 2020, but had struggles with an outbreak late during the 2021 season that saw a significant number of the members of the team test positive. The outbreak hit hardest ahead of the Week 15 matchup against the NFC West rival Los Angeles Rams, who were battling their own outbreak at the time.

It is unfortunate that Pete is forced to be away from the team at a crucial time of year, as the defense works to complete the installation of the new scheme and during a crucial period for personnel evaluation, with the first round of cuts due two weeks from Tuesday.