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Quandre Diggs & Russell Wilson head opposite directions in NFL Top 100

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It’s NFL Top 100 time again!

Everyone’s favorite “how the [favorite expletive] did that guy get here” list returns, with yet another pointless reveal format, to really milk the thing. We won’t get the next 30 players until next week.

Sunday gave numbers 100-51, and so far the only thing of interest to fans of the Seattle Seahawks?

Quandre Diggs up five spots; Russell Wilson down 50.

Quandre Diggs is the only Seahawk so far, having moved up from 77 last year to 72 this season. He remains an underrated staple of the Free Safety position, and loves playing with that little bit of chip on his shoulder.

The other Seattle connection is the one the Denver Broncos traded the farm for, QB Russell Wilson, ranked 61. In 2021 he was the NFL’s 12th best player on this poll, which consists entirely of player votes and not anyone else.

That’s four spots behind the Arizona Cardinals quarterback who is was contractually obligated the sport.

Not yet seen: DK Metcalf, Jamal Adams, Tyler Lockett. I very much doubt we’ll see Lockett, as he’s never been ranked above 60. Metcalf should make an appearance, and Adams is hard to say as he’s consistently been around 30 but didn’t put up his traditional type of numbers last year, suffered his finger injuries and missed the Pro Bowl for the first time in three years.