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Yet another outlet ranks Seahawks offensive line as worst in the NFL

Seattle Seahawks v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

There’s been no shortage of ink spilled on the offensive line of the Seattle Seahawks this offseason, and in particular how poorly many observers expect the group to perform on the field in 2022. This is certainly not unexpected after the offseason saw the team opt for inexperienced rookie tackles over 2022 starters Duane Brown and Brandon Shell, and it seems as though every major outlet has ranked the Hawks line at or near the bottom of the league.

Mike Clay of ESPN ranked the Seattle line as a bottom five unit in June.

Football Outsiders stopped by in late July to point out the 2021 line had a blown block rate in 2021 that was in the bottom five.

PFF projects the Seahawks 2022 line to be the worst in the league.

And so on. Thus, while the group’s performance in the preseason opener has received solid reviews so far, ahead of that matchup against the Pittsburgh Steelers, yet another outlet ranked the Seattle line at the bottom of the league. And not just near the bottom, at the absolute bottom.

Thursday fans will get their next chance to see the revamped Seahawks line in action when the team hosts the Chicago Bears for a Preseason Week 2 game, and while it’s still preseason, it will be yet another opportunity for the group to begin to prove the doubters wrong.