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Jamal Adams returns to training camp with a new look

NFL: Seattle Seahawks Training Camp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

In what was truly a nightmare scenario on the first day of training camp, seattle Seahawks safety Jamal Adams re-injured one of the fingers on his left hand which had been surgically repaired during the offseason, fracturing it when it became twisted in a teammate’s helmet towards the end of practice.

Adams is determined to prevent this injury from sidelining him, though, and showed up to training camp on Monday sporting a cast covering his left hand to protect the injured finger while it heals.

After it seemed Adams would finally be truly healthy heading into a season for what seemed like the first time as a Seahawk, another hand injury will likely keep him out of game action for the entire preseason. According to the Seattle Times’s Adam Jude, Prez will wear a protective cast on his finger during the season, and is not planning to have surgery until the season is over.

While the obvious joke is that wearing a cast shouldn’t impact Adams ability to create turnovers by way of interception, the true concern is how wearing a cast will impact Adams in other facets of the game. That includes hand fighting receivers while in coverage, shedding blocks blocks and even tackling. If Adams lacks confidence in the hand while it’s in the cast, just as he did when his fingers kept dislocating over the prior two seasons, it’s possible he could again turn towards trying to blow up ball carriers rather than wrap them up. And that could lead to more shoulder issues in the future.