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Drew Lock tosses a pair of interceptions as he “plays a lot” against Cowboys

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Seattle Seahawks and the Dallas Cowboys are closing out the preseason Friday at AT&T Stadium, though both teams opted to rest the majority of their starters rather than risk injury. That has meant that the game has seen a lot of backups earn a lot of playing time, but that hasn’t stopped both teams from flashing, though for the Hawks it feels like there have been as many good flashes as there have been poor flashes.

The Seahawks jumped out to a quick ten point lead behind a field goal drive led by Geno Smith and a beautiful touchdown pass from Drew Lock to Penny Hart.

Unfortunately for the Hawks, Lock also had a pair of passes that were hauled in by member’s of Dan Quinn’s defense.

Dallas turned the second of those interceptions into a touchdown drive that cut the lead to three, which is where the margin stood at the half thanks to a perfect first half from Jason Myers.