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The Field Gulls Podcast returns with two new hosts!

Regular listeners of the Field Gulls Podcast may have noticed that throughout preseason and training camp the show has been on hiatus. Well that’s because Brandan Schulze and Clinton Bonner have stepped away from hosting duties, but you can still get their takes on the Sea Hawkers Podcast.

In the meantime we searched for replacements and now we’re back on the air just in time for the regular season to start!

The Field Gulls team welcomes Dan Viens and Dayna O’Gorman to the staff as the new podcast hosts! Dayna is a member of the Pro Football Writers Association and is a contributor and podcaster on Our Turf Football and Hawkblogger. Dan operates the Emerald City Sportscast and used to work in sports television for the local CBS affiliate in Pasco over in the Tri-Cities region. Both of them have been podcast guests in years past and we’re delighted to bring them on board. Dan will be the lead host, while Dayna will generally have midweek programming throughout the season.

Brandan will still be around to handle behind the scenes stuff, so he’s not going away. In fact, he’s today’s special guest! The trio assessed the Seahawks roster on the eve of cutdown day, including who looks likely to make the team and who may end up on the practice squad.

We should note that this was recorded just before the 49ers decided to keep Jimmy Garoppolo, so consider one segment obsolete but hear what they had to say anyway!

Catch the first new episode below, using either the Megaphone or Apple Podcasts players. Take your pick!