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NFL: Chicago Bears at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday marked the day when all 32 teams across the league set their initial 53 man rosters, and the worry among fans is always that one of their preseason favorites who failed to make the roster will get snatched off waivers. Whether it’s someone like Jazz Ferguson, Kasen Williams or any of the other names that fans have cheered for during the preseason, only to watch the player not make the 53 man roster, final cuts and the subsequent waiver period can be a stressful time for fans.

For the Seattle Seahawks, this is especially true for the 2022 season, as the roster is stocked full of youth and upside acquired in the months since the team started down a path to rebuilding, even if head coach Pete Carroll won’t call it a rebuild. As such, many fans were worried about potentially losing talent to other teams.

Fortunately for fans with those worries, the rest of the NFL didn’t appear to have any interest in the players the Seahawks waived, as once again every player the Hawks waived in advance of final roster cuts cleared waivers. So, the good news is they’re all available to be signed to the practice squad, while on the flip side the bad news is that this shows what the rest of the league thinks about the Seattle roster.