Geno Smith vs QBs who played NO, Pitt, Rams and Jax last year

After the recent scrimmage, the QB controversy has heated up with pundits crowning Drew Lock the starter. John Gilbert provided a little sanity in his recent article.

Why is it that the Seahawks basically ran separate offenses for the different quarterbacks? Is it because they’re different players and they built separate game plans for them? No, it’s because when Lock was on the field the offense was running the dumbed-down-for-Jared-Goff version of the offense that reduces the complexity of the reads for the quarterback, while when Smith was under center they ran the drop-back-read-it-and-sling-it-like-Matthew-Stafford version of the same offense.

However, his point was completely ignored and Geno summarily dismissed. One of the main talking points of the Dreamers4Drew (tm) is that "we know what we have in Geno Smith". I find this logic rather odd, since what do they base that knowledge on? His first three years as a Jet a decade ago? The fact he couldn't take the starting job from Philip Rivers (neither could Drew Brees), Eli Manning or Russell Wilson? Seriously?

All we "know" about Geno Smith is what he did last season. For some reason people go to the most absurd lengths to dismiss what he did last year. One guy projected his stats for 17 games and proclaimed him a loser - and took out the jacksonville game because jacksonville sucks. As if Geno has to play an entire season vs just the defenses of NO, Pitt and the Rams and put up numbers equitable to what every other QB does vs a wide range of defenses.

So let's see how Geno fared vs QB's in games vs the SAME opponents last year. NO, Pitt., Jax and the Rams. Btw, Geno passed about as much as Wilson normally did most seasons when not cooking.

Who’s stat line would you rather see vs NO, Pitt and Jax?

74/126... 58.7%.....784 yds.. 5TD.. 4 INT ..6.2 y/a
55/78..... 70.5%..... 571 yds.. 4 TD.. 0 INT ..7.3 y/a

The first QB is Josh Allen. That second is Geno Smith vs the same 3 opponents..

How about this guy, who played vs NO, Pitt, Jax (twice) and the Rams? The only other QB who faced every opponent Geno faced.

95/146... 65.1%.. 982 yds.. 4 TD.. 2 INT.. 6.7 y/a
65/95...... 68.4%.. 702 yds.. 5 TD.. 1 INT.. 7.4 y/a

The first QB is Ryan Tannehill, his stats boosted by two games vs Jax.

How about a guy who played against the Rams, NO and Pitt last year? Let’s take out that really good game against Jax Geno had.

63/109... 57.8%.....688 yds.. 4 TD.. 2 INT.. 6.3 y/a
45/71... 63.4%......507 yds ..3 TD.. 1 INT..7.1 y/a

The first QB is Aaron Rodgers. No Jax game here to boost Geno's numbers.

So before you go claiming you ‘know’ what you have in Geno Smith, how about you actually look and see what you HAD in Geno Smith last year. Bearing in mind, of course, that he was rusty coming off all those years since he'd played any significant time in a game.