Stat Summary, Week 1, 2022

I do not own and did not calculate any of these stats. I'm just grouping them here for easy reference and, if I do not run out of steam, for better tracking of Seahawk performance over the year. Hopefully all these figures are acceptable to pull from other sites so long as I link to them. If not, oops, just hide this and I'll not make another one.

DVOA from Football Outsiders

  • 20th overall
  • 21st in offense
  • 23rd in defense
  • 1st in special teams

DSR from Football Outsiders

  • 10th overall
  • 5th in offense
  • 25th in defense

EPA/play on defense

  • 29th overall
  • 29th on dropbacks
  • 2nd on carries

EPA/play on offense

  • 12th overall
  • 10th on dropbacks
  • 24th on carries

Interesting other stats from the above sources

  • 3rd in offensive TOP/drive but 32nd in defensive TOP/drive
  • 19th in defensive points/drive (even though they only gave up 16 points)
  • 6th in offensive points/drive (even though they only scored 17 points)
All the above stats are dubious since they are only from one game. Future games should increase confidence in the metrics' validities and perhaps reveal some interesting trends.

None of the above is meant to forward or promote any narrative. I'm just tryin' to be helpful.