Really, why is Russell in Sherm’s head, rent free?

What do you guys think Russ did to Sherm. Here are some time points I am trying to put together to determine what changed.

a) the destruction of Frisco in September 2013 in the rain. Huge hug in between press conferences. Clearly they are young, up and coming, and fond of each other.

b) SB48. Richard got hurt but they hug after super bowl and everyone is hunky dory.

c) the documented practice where Rich tells Russ "you suck." Some tension not reported for four years but Sherman admitted it.

d) this is anecdotal but I have no reason to make it up. My wife and tailgated are the Chargers game in San Diego and our setup was next to the Sherman family. We got to talking to his mom and dad and Russell came up and it was said "Richard loves Russell." Now none of us tell our parents everything but this was unsolicited from Beverly Sherman.

e) 49. Richard is devastated by the end. So is Russell. How Richard could blame Russell for that pass is unfathomable but maybe he does.

f) coexisting from 14-17. Russell did poke fun at Sherm getting into it with the press but I think that’s about it.

g) Sherman released and it’s been disrespect since, even though we think they jersey-swapped after the great game on MNF in 2019.

h) today Richard is basically hinting on twitter that Russell changed the play in the super bowl.

i don’t get it. Did Russell do stuff behind the scenes that no one knows about? Is it jealousy over money and attention? Is the pettiness a way to keep himself in the limelight?