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Sam’s Film Room: Charles Cross vs Randy Gregory and Bradley Chubb in Seahawks’ opener

So as a follow-up to a preseason video I did on Seattle Seahawks rookie Charles Cross, I wanted to do a video on his season opener against the Denver Broncos. Over the preseason, I thought he played really well beyond a few false starts he had in his game against the Chicago Bears. In this breakdown though, I wanted to focus on his pass blocking snaps. For the majority of this game, Cross faced two very good pass rushers in Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory. I wanted to see how he fared against them.

From my analysis, I had Cross responsible for four pressures, including one sack. I thought one sack that others are attributing to him was actually Geno Smith’s fault based on his depth in pocket.

This video is about 6 minutes long. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! If the video above does not play, please click “Watch on YouTube” or follow this link!

My scouting report on Charles Cross at Mississippi State: