Stat Summary, Week 2, 2022

Week two is in the books so it's time for another look. The parenthetical numbers below are the deltas from the previous week. Also of note, I am now filtering out win percentages below 20% and above 80% from EPA calculations. Last week this was not terribly necessary but this week the Hawks spent a fair portion of the game with no realistic hope of winning. Now that they've had garbage time, it's time to filter it out.


  • 26th overall (-6)
  • 21st offense (+0)
    • 18th passing (untracked last week)
    • 28th rushing (untracked last week)
  • 25th defense (-2)
    • 30th passing (untracked last week)
    • 9th rushing (untracked last week)
  • 7th special teams (-6)

DSR (updated 9/22, apparently the table was not yet changed)

  • 27th overall (-17)
  • 19th offense (-14)
  • 30th defense (-5)

EPA/play defense

  • 31st overall (-2), 30th this week
  • 31st passing (-2), 29th this week
  • 11th rushing (-9), 30th this week

EPA/play offense

  • 15th overall (-3), 26th this week
  • 14th passing (-4), 29th this week
  • 23rd rushing (+1), 21st this week


  • 32nd in defensive yards/drive
  • 3rd in offensive TOP/drive but 32nd in defensive TOP/drive
The stability of these metrics relative to the weeks' point totals is interesting. It suggests the Hawks are more consistent than our intuitions might determine and the variance is due to opponent. It's just week 2, of course, so conclusions are both conjectural and temporary.