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Field Gulls Podcast: Seahawks cap talk with John P Gilbert!

NFL: Seattle Seahawks Minicamp Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve got a new Field Gulls Podcast out, and it’s all about the salary cap.

Host Dayna O’Gorman is joined this week by Field Gulls Deputy Editor John P. Gilbert for just under a half-hour’s worth of discussion about the Seattle Seahawks’ cap situation, more specifically as it pertains to the 2023 offseason and beyond, as well as the importance of a quarterback on a rookie contract, potential splash moves next season, and more.

Class is in session, so pay attention and listen below! If the audio player is not working, go to this link instead.

The Field Gulls Podcast is available on a wide variety of platforms and features new hosts Dan Viens and Dayna O’Gorman, providing coverage of the team through game previews, recaps, analysis, interviews, and more! Most weeks in-season will have three episodes per week.

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