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All-21 film? Seahawks only had 10 on the field a few plays before DeeJay Dallas interception

Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks did a lot of things wrong against the San Francisco 49ers, and as such they took a heavy 27-7 loss down in Santa Clara. By far the most comically inept moment of the game was third-string (arguably fourth-string) running back DeeJay Dallas trying to throw a touchdown pass in the back of the end zone to DK Metcalf. I’m not going to show the highlight because it’s either burned into your brain or you want to pretend it never happened.

But there was another gaffe earlier in the drive that perhaps wasn’t noticeable on the FOX broadcast but is very noticeable in the All-22 film... in this case the All-21.

On the ensuing snap after DK Metcalf’s tremendous 52-yard catch was taken away due to an illegal man downfield penalty on Abe Lucas, Geno Smith tried to zip one to Tyler Lockett on 2nd and 17. 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga made a great read and closed quickly to get the pass breakup and if he was a half-beat quicker he might have gotten an interception.

The 49ers defense has been one of the best in the NFL for the past few seasons, but you don’t have to make their job easier when you’re a man short.

Niners Nation’s Jordan Elliott was on the spot with the observation.

I cannot rule out that 49ers star linebacker Fred Warner was confused as hell seeing the Seahawks have 10 on the field, because he was definitely reacting to something pre-snap. You had Geno Smith, five blockers, Rashaad Penny in motion, and receiving targets Lockett, Noah Fant, and Dee Eskridge. Chances are Metcalf should’ve been the 11th man, but regardless of who was supposed to be on the field this was a mess.

I don’t know how no one noticed this on the sidelines. If there was ever an instance where blowing a timeout was warranted, this was it.

So to summarize, this drive had the following:

  • A penalty nullify DK Metcalf’s 52-yard catch on a flea flicker
  • 10 men on the field on the very next play by the Seahawks
  • An interception by the 49ers nullified by defensive pass interference
  • An interception thrown by DeeJay Dallas

Okay, now we can move on and look towards Sunday’s showdown with the Atlanta Falcons.