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Seahawks need someone to hit the quarterback, may turn to rookie Boye Mafe

Chicago Bears v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

Pete Carroll had quite a bit to say following the Seattle Seahawks’ inability to score on the final drive and defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Week 3.

One of the sentiments centered around something most everyone has noticed: Darrell Taylor is not getting to the quarterback.

Gregg Bell reports, and is right about the new OLB Uchenna Nwosu. He’s been the best defensive player alongside Al Woods, and at this point we could throw in Tariq Woolen as the only other consistent playmaker through three games.

Nwosu’s not going anywhere, and Boye Mafe has looked like an above-average rookie in the limited time he’s had, recording a sack against the San Francisco 49ers and showing some promising play in run defense. And did anybody else have that moment after Darryl Johnson stood up from the tackle for loss against the 49ers and go “who’s that guy?”

Unfortunately, it probably would come at the expense of Taylor - at least for now. He finally had a sack against Marcus Mariota and caused a fumble, He has, however, largely just been a force in the wind, missing both the quarterback and his run assignment far more often than not.

In his day-after interview with 710 Seattle Sports, Carroll indicated defensive changes are coming, and this may be one of them. Taylor was supposed to be the lead dog off the line following his 6.5 sacks a season ago, but in light of the absence of production, I’m all for seeing some growth in a promising rookie.