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Here’s how bad the Seahawks defense has been at getting off the field

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks defense has really struggled in each of the last few seasons. In that time span, they have seldom found themselves as a league average defense, let alone the Legion of Boom level from 2012-2015. In fact, in the early parts of the 2020 and 2021 seasons the defense ranked dead last in the NFL in terms of yards allowed.

So far in 2022, despite some preseason excitement about the potential of this year’s defense with the coaching changes and shift in scheme and philosophy, the last two weeks have not been promising. Seattle has let up 54 combined points and 759 combined yards against the 49ers and Falcons.

To make matters worse, they are having more than a tough time getting off the field.

The Seahawks defense ranks last in the league in forced three and out rate through the first three weeks at just 4%. Or put another way, they have forced only one three-and-out (against Atlanta). Out of 27 possessions, the Seahawks have only had five punts forced, which is tied with the Los Angeles Rams for fewest but the Rams have also made up for that by creating seven takeaways.

Meanwhile, it’s a much different story for their divisional rivals as the 49ers lead the league in forced three and out rate at 44%. Against the Denver Broncos the 49ers forced eight three-and-outs alone. It might be part of the reason why Seattle put up no offensive points against San Francisco in their Week 2 matchup.

There is still more than three fourths of the season left to go, but this is not the start the Seahawks defense was hoping for.