Stat Summary, Week 3, 2022

Another week, another summary. This is the last week of unadjusted-for-opposition DVOA (technically it's been VOA so far). Next week's summary may see a large change in the Hawks' DVOA rankings once opponent strength is considered.


  • 21st overall (+5)
  • 12th offense (+9)
    • 11th passing (+7)
    • 22nd rushing (+6)
  • 30th defense (-5)
    • 31st passing (-1)
    • 21st rushing (-12)
  • 3rd special teams (+4)


  • 25th overall (+2)
  • 8th offense (+11)
  • 30th defense (+0)


  • 12th offense (+3), 14th this week
    • 10th passing (+4), 10th this week
    • 19th rushing (-8), 15th this week
  • 31st defense (+0), 28th this week
    • 32nd passing (-1), 28th this week
    • 24th rushing (-13), 29th this week

These are just for three weeks, so we're still seeing a lot of big swings in the rankings. Nonetheless, it is clear the Hawks' offense is around league average despite their low scoring output (partially due to low drive count). Heck, they might even be better than average. And the special teams unit is performing excellently.

Maybe in the offseason the ownership can attract a defensive-minded head coach to fix the team.