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Field Gulls Podcast: Talking Seahawks offense with Griff Sturgeon!

Atlanta Falcons v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

We’ve got another fresh episode of the Field Gulls Podcast to bring you on this final Wednesday of the month. This week, host Dayna O’Gorman is joined by Griff Sturgeon, who’s better known on Twitter as @cmikessspinmove. He’s got his own podcast alongside Field Gulls alum Matty F. Brown called Seattle Overload, which you should check out.

Griff is terrific with film analysis and reviewing All-22 footage, and he’s as plugged in as anyone when it comes to breaking down Seahawks football. This sport is pretty damn complicated and Griff’s here to present information in a digestible manner!

For today’s episode we’re going to look at the Seahawks offense, which has had its ups and downs but is coming off its best performance of the season, albeit in a losing effort against the Atlanta Falcons.

Main topics covered

  • How surprising Geno Smith’s play has been.
  • How has Shane Waldron’s offense changed from 2021 to 2022?
  • What are Geno and the offense doing “right,” and can this offense be one of the better offenses in the league?

Listen in the audio player below, or click on any of the other outlets if the Spotify app isn’t working:

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