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Statistically, Seahawks miss D.J. Reed more than Russell Wilson

NFL: Detroit Lions at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

D.J. Reed was that good.

The biggest offseason miss from the Seattle Seahawks appears to have been letting the New York Jets sign standout corner Reed for a very respectable price tag.

After three games in New York, he’s been incredible.

What, that’s just Sauce Gardner you say?

Think again.

At three years, $11 million per year, Reed has been worth every penny. But that’s not really a surprise. This was the exact type of contract many speculated Reed could command, followed by a belief that Seattle should pay it. On the other hand, at one point Pro Football Focus - yup, those guys again - estimated an $8 million per year deal would do it.

Apparently, the two sides never got all that close.

The Seahawks are beyond fortunate right now that Tariq Woolen has turned out to be promising, because for the second consecutive year the other nine-or-whatever cornerbacks this team attempted to trot out there have become or remained injured.

D.J. Reed was super fun to watch while he was here, and it’s great he’s developed even more in his short time with the Jets, but it’s the freaking Jets man and it would have been wonderful to keep him here.