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Cigar Thoughts Podcast, Episode 34: Joe Fann

Wynn Sportsbook’s betting ambassador and former Seahawks beat writer sits down with Jacson and Mike to talk all things Seahawks.

One of our all-time favorite people to talk with rejoins the show and lets its rip. Blending his intimate knowledge of the Seahawks from his time as a beat reporter with zoomed-out perspective as a betting analyst, Joe Fann brought us an amazing conversation.

Among the topics we discussed:

*What went wrong against the Falcons?

*How many games can this team really win?

*Is Pete Carroll the right guy for the rebuild?

*How do you beat the Lions this week?

*The three bets he likes the most this weekend

All that and plenty more in this week’s episode of the Cigar Thoughts podcast. Enjoy!



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