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2022 NFL season opener: Bills at Rams prediction and open thread

NFL: FEB 07 Super Bowl LVI - SoFi Stadium Photo by Brandon Sloter/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It’s been 207 days since the Los Angeles Rams hoisted the Lombardi Trophy on their home field; 207 days since we’ve seen “real” football.

Tonight, the loooooonnnnnggggg offseason finally ends!

After reportedly paying $1 billion per year for exclusive rights to air Thursday Night Football... Amazon still has to wait a week for their first game. NBC has the traditional kickoff game at 5:20 PM PT and this year is a doozy.

On one side of the field, we’ll have the Buffalo Bills who are the consensus favorites at virtually every sportsbook on the planet, including DraftKings Sportsbook, to not only represent the AFC in this year’s Super Bowl, but to WIN IT.

On the other side of the field, we’ll have the defending Super Bowl Champions.

(insert vocal BOO here)

Fortunately, for those of us who support a different NFC West team, it isn’t the home team Rams that are favored in this one; it’s the visiting Bills, led by MVP-favorite Josh Allen, All-Pro wideout Stefon Diggs, and a defensive unit that saw fit to add Von Miller to their arsenal after allowing the fewest yards and the fewest points in the league last year.

DraftKings has the Over/Under at 52 points tonight.

I’m taking the Over.

Go Bills!

Here are our Tallysight picks, which will populate with more predictions as the week progresses: