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Greg Olsen still thinks he knows better for the Seahawks

Carolina Panthers v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Naomi Baker/Getty Images

The 2022 NFL season opened with a banger, as the Los Angeles Rams were heavily outplayed by the Buffalo Bills. This is of great interest to the Seattle Seahawks, and was just a downright enjoyable Rams thumping.

During the game, former Seattle tight end Greg Olsen once again assaulted us with his opinions of how the Seahawks front office should (or should have) run the team.

Ken Dorsey is now the offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills, who were effective on Thursday Night against a generally stout Los Angeles defense, despite a couple of turnovers.

Olsen seems to have maintained a strange fascination with the Seattle Seahawks. Olsen is a well-established player in his own right. He played his career largely with the Carolina Panthers, posting three consecutive Pro Bowl season. His 14 year career is probably just below hall-of-fame consideration, and his connection with Cam Newton was awesome to watch.

But on his way out, he claimed to have buyer’s remorse from his signing with Seattle. Later, he said the coaches treated the entire team like it wasn’t capable of running more sophisticated plays, in a strangely-worded and combustible interview with Cowherd.

Now that Olsen is in the media game, he’s chosen his brief and unsuccessful season with Seattle as the primary fodder for his NFL storytelling moments.

Furthermore, Russell Wilson was outspoken at the hiring and throughout the first summer about how Shane Waldron was the offensive coordinator he wanted. Whatever Olsen is implying, Wilson got his guy even at the very end of the relationship, and ended up in Denver anyway.