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Seahawks Playoff Scenarios: We are the NFL’s biggest Detroit Lions fans

Go Lions! ROAR! Bite some kneecaps!

Chicago Bears v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks didn’t get all the ideal help to make their Week 18 game against the Los Angeles Rams a “win-and-in” playoff situation, but they got enough of a boost to give themselves a chance.

Seattle defeated the New York Jets, the Washington Commanders lost to the Cleveland Browns, but the Minnesota Vikings were thumped by the Green Bay Packers. That means the standings look like this for the wild card:

NFC Wild Card Standings

5.) Dallas Cowboys (12-4)

6.) New York Giants (9-6-1)

7.) Seattle Seahawks (8-8)


8.) Detroit Lions (8-8)

9.) Green Bay Packers (8-8)

The problem for the Seahawks is that they have an inferior conference record to the Packers, which means that the three-way tiebreaker means damn near nothing right now (barring one particular scenario).

Here’s the situation with Seattle’s playoff fate:

Seahawks qualify for the playoffs if...

They beat the Rams and Packers tie or lose to the Lions.


Seahawks tie the Rams and Packers-Lions ends in a tie.

Seahawks are eliminated if...

They lose to the Rams.


The Packers beat the Lions.


They tie the Rams and Lions-Packers doesn’t end in a tie.

And yes, the Lions need the Rams to beat the Seahawks to make the playoffs, so it’s all the craziness at play here.

Buckle up, gang. We’ve got a wild Week 18 to come. GO LIONS! Go Jared Goff! We have never slandered you on this site or called you Jared Goof! You are Jared Good! And as a favor, the Seahawks can improve YOUR first-round pick by beating the Rams.