Community-wide Open Mock Draft Discussion Thread

Though the offseason isn't quite here yet, with the Seahawks set to play the 49ers in the NFC wildcard round a couple of days from now, it's probably not too early to focus on the upcoming draft. I've always enjoyed issues related to roster construction, of which the draft each year of course plays a significant role. So I tend to spend time researching prospects and doing mock drafts.

And although Field Gulls does publish its own mock drafts from time to time through the efforts of contributor Michael STUFR Edwards (which I look forward to seeing), this conversation thread is intended for the whole fan community, or at least those who might like to publish their own mock drafts while briefly explaining any thoughts about them {as well as anyone who might have responses to those respective mocks).

The bottom of the draft order hasn't, at this time, been officially designated because playoff results will determine what teams draft from slots 19-32. Please bear in mind the bottom of the draft order presented in this mock probably will change during the next month.

I like how this mock turned out. I aggressively traded down from pick number 5 multiple times, acquiring several extra picks in the process. My strategy was to fortify the trenches on both sides of the ball while adding certain skill position prospects (WR, RB, TE) and a LB and S prospect. I didn't look to draft a QB prospect because I believe PC/JS are likely to try and roll with Geno Smith and Drew Lock again next year.

Instead I quadruple-downed on the O-Line, triple-downed on the D-Line, double-downed at WR and RB, and drafted a TE who could be special as a in-line blocker along with a unique receiving threat. I believe it would greatly fortify the trenches on both sides of the ball while adding explosive or otherwise unique traits to the skill positions on offense. I generally ignore the grades the PFF assigns because they're basing their grades on algorithms, while I'm basing my picks on a passionate yearlong interest in the Seahawks roster construction.