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Twitter reacts to the Seahawks’ inspiring season... and a frustrating playoff loss

NFL: NFC Wild Card Round-Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been a fun season, and this game was a wild ride to be sure. Following some back and forth early on, the San Francisco 49ers remembered that the Seattle Seahawks decided to not field a defense today and then it was all over.

We all know the story; nobody thought the Seahawks had anything going for them this year, and that was an awful loss ... But it doesn’t erase what ended up being a much more fun season than practically anybody would have predicted (me included). Following the massively disappointing showing in the second half, fans sounded off with words of frustration, but also with a lot of hope and encouragement. The future looks brighter for this team today than it did last summer, and they head into the offseason with a draft haul to look forward to and at least a decent number of exciting young players who can step up in 2023.