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2023 NFL Draft Order: Seahawks slotted at 5th overall and either 19th or 20th

An update on where the Seahawks will draft.

NFL Draft Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks’ season ended at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday, which means we have a slightly clearer but not solidified picture of where Seattle will pick in the 2023 NFL Draft in Kansas City.

We know that the Seahawks have the 5th overall pick courtesy of the Denver Broncos, but what about their own first-rounder? Well that depends on one other game.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers play the Dallas Cowboys on Monday night, and obviously with an 8-9 record they have higher draft priority if they lose. If Tampa wins, Seattle is picking 19th as the team with the worst record (and easiest strength of schedule) of eliminated Wild Card teams. A Buccaneers loss means the Seahawks pick 20th. Simple as that!

Here’s the NFL Draft order as things stand, exempting teams still in the postseason.

  1. Chicago Bears
  2. Houston Texans
  3. Arizona Cardinals
  4. Indianapolis Colts
  5. Seattle Seahawks (via Denver Broncos)
  6. Detroit Lions (via Los Angeles Rams)
  7. Las Vegas Raiders
  8. Atlanta Falcons
  9. Carolina Panthers
  10. Philadelphia Eagles (via New Orleans Saints)
  11. Tennessee Titans
  12. Houston Texans (via Cleveland Browns)
  13. New York Jets
  14. New England Patriots
  15. Green Bay Packers
  16. Washington Commanders
  17. Pittsburgh Steelers
  18. Detroit Lions
  19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers if they lose, Seattle Seahawks if Bucs win
  20. Seattle Seahawks if Tampa Bay Buccaneers lose
  21. Miami Dolphins (forfeited)