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Seahawks begin filling out 2023 roster by signing 10 to future contracts

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

While the debate regarding what the Seattle Seahawks should or should not pay Pro Bowl quarterback Geno Smith after a career year in 2022, the team is quietly at work building out the rest of the roster. As announced earlier Wednesday, the Hawks have made Jason Myers the second highest paid kicker in the NFL, which brings the team to 48 players under contract for next season after quietly announcing the signing of ten players to future contracts Tuesday.

The ten players Seattle signed to future contracts Tuesday include:

  • RB Darwin Thompson
  • WR Cade Johnson
  • WR Connor Wedington
  • WR Easop Winston Jr.
  • C Joey Hunt
  • G Greg Eiland
  • T Jalen McKenzie
  • DT Jarrod Hewitt
  • LB Chris Garrett
  • CB Chris Steele

All of those are names that are not new to the Seahawks, as they were all on the practice squad at the end of the season. At the conclusion of the season, a team dissolves its practice squad and the members of the squad become unrestricted free agents able to sign with any team. However, as the season is over for the Seahawks, these players are not able to sign contracts for the 2022 league year, and thus they sign a future contract, which puts them under contract with the team when the new league year begins in March.