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Seahawks could face Bobby Wagner 8 more times

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks gambled on their linebackers last season, and it’s not hard to make the argument they lost.

Bobby Wagner played up to a ninth Pro Bowl appearance, absolutely wrecking Seattle in game one this season. Meanwhile, the Seahawks linebackers were part of yet another horrific defense and Jordyn Brooks might not even be ready to play by the 2023 opener.

Bobby Wagner’s competitive drive is not uncommon; it’s one of the things that I think necessarily exists in those who have ever been the best at what they do. While it’s greatly appreciated that Wagner’s competitiveness has never resulted in public barrage against his former team or coaches, he clearly has the purest of “sports hate” against the doubters within the organization.

So prepare yourselves, for somebody with unparalleled longevity at linebacker, a little bit of pettiness, and a high motivation to beat the Seahawks.

Wagner is signed through 2026 with the Los Angeles Rams, which would put him at 36 years old when that season wraps up. There’s no guaranteed money after next year, however, and he’s already hit one of his void stipulations. If he makes the Pro Bowl again next season, he could void the final three years of the contract - at one point we’d say presumably to hit a bigger payday elsewhere, but now it would be more likely to play for somebody with a chance of winning.

So, it could be one more season against future Seahawk Hall of Fame member Bobby Wagner, or it could be as many as eight more games. It would be good, I think, if nothing was on the line during any of those matchups.