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Details of the Jason Myers contract extension

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks are in the early part of what is set to be another busy and exciting offseason, as the team continues to reload and rebuild after tearing down the final vestiges of the 2013 Super Bowl championship team during the 2022 offseason. There are plenty of holes the Hawks will need to address during the offseason, but last Wednesday the team took care of one of those, signing kicker Jason Myers to a four-year contract extension.

And now that the contract has been processed, the specifics of the contract are known.

For those wanting to know how those terms translate to cap hits, the deal breaks down as follows:

  • Signing bonus: $7,500,000 -> recognized as $1,875,000 each season during contract
  • 2023: Base Salary: $1,165,000; Cap Hit: $3,040,000
  • 2024: Base Salary: $3,635,000; Cap Hit: $5,510,000
  • 2025: Base Salary: $4,200,000; Cap Hit: $6,075,000
  • 2026: Base Salary: $4,600,000; Cap Hit: $6,475,000

As for what this means for the Seahawks as they head into the offseason, after accounting for the Myers contract extension, as well as the cap requirements of the ten players the team signed to future contracts and incentive charges, now lists the Seahawks as having $31.24M of cap space available for 2023.