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Picks and predictions for the AFC and NFC championship games

Two trips to the Super Bowl are on the line.

San Francisco 49ers v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images

It’s championship weekend, featuring an East Coast team, a West Coast team, a Midwest team, and whatever you call Ohio.

Pro Bowl players and elite defenses are all over these rosters, and DraftKings Sportsbook has predicted some incredibly tight matchups to determine the conference winners.

San Francisco 49ers at Philadelphia Eagles

It’s the first time on the road for the 49ers this postseason. Brock Purdy is so new, it feels appropriate to put a bit of weight to the previous game against the Dallas Cowboys. Purdy didn’t do anything to blow up the game, in either direction, but was extremely mediocre. He had the big time throw late in the game that George Kittle and a dumb safety miss had more to do than anything else, but he certainly didn’t outplay the Cowboys.

Dak Prescott really struggled against this defense and underperformed enough to make Geno Smith look like it was a great day the week before.

This will likely prove to be the big difference between the two games. Both of these teams have elite defenses, but the Eagles and Jalen Hurts are just a different offense altogether. Kyle Shanahan is doing wonders with his team of offensive juggernauts to put Purdy in good situations, but 19 points likely won’t do it. Philadelphia has only scored fewer than 20 twice all year.

The Cowboys did sack Purdy, but only twice, and they just weren’t able to take advantage of the times when they should have had...the advantage. This is the rookie’s first playoff game on a road that’s got an even more prolific pass rush. Advantage Eagles.

Pick: Eagles win, cover the 2.5 spread, and we’ll take the frightening under on 46.5 points. 23-20 would do nicely.

Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

The re-re-rematch which stubbornly continues being what Josh Allen v Patrick Mahomes was supposed to be. Nevertheless Joe Burrow has stolen the show here, and once again the AFC elites face off.

“Burrowhead” is certainly a disrespectful nickname for the Bengals confidence on Kansas City’s home turf, but the books seem to agree that there’s not much home field advantage for the Chiefs.

Burrow stayed poised and in control more than Josh Allen did a week ago, and this time Patrick Mahomes won’t have snow trying to escape the Cincy pass rush, he’ll have a banged-up ankle.

The Bengals have lost one game since October 10th, and that’s three-and-a-half months of football. Ja’Marr Chase is averaging 72.5 yards per game this postseason against the 98 yards that Travis Kelce racked up in his one playoff game, but the rest of the Kansas City receiving corps isn’t as talented as Cincinnati’s.

This game will be largely impacted by Joe Mixon vs Isiah Pacheco carrying the ball, and I just think the Bengals defense is better equipped here. Mahomes has struggled to beat Burrow even in the best of circumstances, and these are not necessarily them.

Pick: Bengals win the upset and defeat the 1-point spread, and we’ll take the over on this one, 48.

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