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Field Gulls Podcast: Looking ahead to the Seahawks offseason, plus an important announcement

This announcement is unfortunately not a good one.

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Normally I’d write these articles by getting into the meat of the Seattle Seahawks-related content on the latest podcast, but let me just get the announcement out of the way.

By now you know that there were significant layoffs across Vox Media staff last week, and SB Nation in particular was impacted greatly. Community sites across the NHL, MLS, NBA, and combat sports (more specifically Bloody Elbow, where I worked for 10 years) will no longer be financially supported by Vox at the end of February.

The good news is that Field Gulls will still be here (as will all the other NFL sites), but the bad news is the Field Gulls Podcast will not. The majority of community (read: team-based) podcasts will also not be supported on the Vox platform after February 28th, which really stings. There’s still much to figure out behind the scenes as far as the future of the podcasts post-Vox, but the episodes will not necessarily stop after next month, so stay tuned on that front. In case you’re wondering, Cigar Thoughts is not part of SBN’s podcast rotation so that sticks around.

I’d like to thank hosts Dayna O’Gorman and Dan Viens for their time and effort during their first (and unfortunately only) season on the Field Gulls Podcast staff, and of course a shoutout to former lead host and current producer Brandan Schulze for his several years on the team. I appreciate all of the work they’ve done and this is obviously an unpleasant way for the working relationship to end.

Now we get to the latest episode. Dayna and Dan went in-depth on a Seahawks offseason preview, including Geno Smith’s future, whether Seattle should still draft a QB in April even if they keep Geno, potential roster changes on defense next season, and more. Have a listen below!


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