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Kenneth Walker continues to chase big accomplishments in rookie season

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Kenneth Walker stole the show on Sunday, in a must-win game against the New York Jets. Without a healthy Tyler Lockett, Will Dissly, or Marquise Goodwin, the Seattle Seahawks could have been considered one-dimensional, but that didn’t matter to the breakout rookie.

After struggling from Weeks 10 - 15, it looks like Walker has finally found confidence and cohesion with the offensive line again.

Walker’s explosive first play of the game went straight through the teeth of the Jets defense. Here’s where his fourth 100-yard rushing game has placed him in both the record books and perspective around the NFL.

A Look at the Numbers

Granted, receivers are at a disadvantage with “scrimmage yards,” and we would surely never bring this up to his face but...that does technically mean he’s produced more yards than DK Metcalf did his rookie year.

A Look at the Film

The Seahawks did not do much to negate Sauce Gardner’s case for Defensive Rookie of the Year, at least not in the pass game. But Gardner was entirely unprepared for this one.

It’s the hesitation step that has killed Walker at different points throughout the season that also plays as part of his patient game. To be fair, Center and Right Guard have been so bad at times this year that some of Walker’s negative runs are not his fault.

What you can still see, however, is Walker cuts while moving forward, as opposed to coming to a complete stop. That hasn’t really worked in the NFL, but his speed absolutely does.

Speaking of which, here’s a look at his potential.

It’s the part of the season where draft location matters far less than it did in September. The Seahawks could have drafted somebody else with pick 41, and that might have made the nerd charts a little happier.

But Seattle’s not in a good place without him, especially in back-to-back must-win games in January.

Walker is 15th in RB rushing yards this season, and that’s with four weeks of getting fewer than 10 carries per game behind Rashaad Penny. Nine rushing TDs is 11th, and he has no fumbles this year.

It’s a very promising future for yet another rookie playing meaningful games at the end of a once-lost season.