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Enemy Reaction 2022: New York Jets

We return to The Big Apple for some Enemy Reaction!

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Damn, it’s been so long (one month) since I’ve done an Enemy Reaction I’ve almost forgotten how to do this!

The Seattle Seahawks comfortably beat the New York Jets and jettisoned them straight out of playoff contention, while keeping their own playoff hopes alive. Seattle started quickly and never really needed to get into an extra gear because the Jets stayed stuck in neutral. Usually we include big moments for both teams, but this will be a one-sided Enemy Reaction. There are virtually no big plays the Jets mustered up worth talking about. They forced no turnovers, had no plays longer than 30 yards, and trailed by double digits for almost three full quarters. It was kind of boring! And that’s the type of win the Seahawks have seldom had in recent years.

Gang Green Nation, you’re on deck.

Kenneth Walker III starts the new year with a 60-yard run (0-0)

Geno Smith throws touchdown to Colby Parkinson (7-0 SEA)

Mike White picked off by Quandre Diggs (7-0 SEA)

Geno Smith improvises a flip to DeeJay Dallas for 41-yard gain (10-3 SEA)

Tyler Mabry’s first NFL catch is a touchdown (17-3 SEA)

Mike White strip-sacked by Darrell Taylor to end half (17-6 SEA)

Braden Mann shanks punt (20-6 SEA)

Mike White picked off by Michael Jackson, game over (23-6 SEA Final)

Post-Game: Same Old Jets (Andy Vasquez,

The Jets had enough talent to make the playoffs. They had countless opportunities in the final few months of the season to get the job done. And in the end, they’re still on the outside looking in.

And it feels way too much like the failures of the past. The inability to get the job done in the clutch in games they should have won, and maddening ineptitude on the offensive side of the ball.

The Jets scored no offensive touchdowns in their last two games as they got blown out by the Jaguars and Seahawks and watched their playoff hopes evaporate. It didn’t matter who the quarterback was, the offense was still a mess: Mike White led the Jets to only one touchdown in the last 24 drivers. Zach Wilson was so inept that fans booed last year’s No. 2 pick off the field as his struggles seemed to worsen in his second year.

For a team that rode its defense to the edge of the Super Bowl 12 years ago, only to leave fans wondering what might have been had they had a more competent offense and quarterback, this is essentially the worst re-run ever.

Post-Game: Jets clearly need a new quarterback (Mark Canizzaro, New York Post)

Unmercifully, there’s still a game to play for the Jets — one agonizingly inconsequential game at Miami on Sunday — before the 2022 season is put to bed.

Once this season is mercifully tucked under the covers, there will be fallout, beginning at the quarterback position.

The Jets might as well post a “HELP WANTED’’ sign at their Florham Park facility or across their social media channels, because they’ll be in the market for a new quarterback the moment the offseason begins.

There’s no avoiding fallout considering what’s transpired over the final six weeks, which has been one of the worst collapses in Jets history from what was a promising season at 7-4 spiraling to 7-9 and playoff elimination after Sunday’s dismal 23-6 loss at Seattle.

At the root of the free fall has been the fact that the Jets’ offense has produced just four TDs in the past five games and is without a single TD in the last eight quarters.

Change is inevitable. And the most dramatic change for 2023 will come at quarterback, which is positively stunning considering that the Jets invested the No. 2 overall draft pick in Zach Wilson before last season.

Post-Game Video: 12 years, no playoffs (Lets Talk Jets Radio)

Bonus Enemy Reaction: See ya later, Commanders!

And so we’ve reached the final game of the regular season, but hopefully there’s at least one more game for the Seahawks this season beyond Week 18. Beating the Los Angeles Rams is never easy and even at 5-11 they will be tough; Seattle almost lost to them the first time. The Seahawks can only control what they can control, regardless of the different kickoff time for the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers. I’m disappointed that the playoffs are not particularly likely given the 6-3 start, but that we’re discussing the Seahawks in a playoff situation in Week 18 is far beyond what most of us believed was possible. Well... except Frank T. Raines, who did say 9-8 and no playoffs back in September.

I’ll end this by noting that I was in the middle of doing Enemy Reaction when the Damar Hamlin cardiac arrest occurred. I thought about shelving this entirely but obviously I’ve opted to run this feature, which is something I know Field Gulls readers look forward to after every Seahawks win. Enemy Reaction often highlights the funniest and worst in fans when we’re watching games and acting irrationally and saying outrageous things. One of the most poignant scenes I’ve seen from last night is Bills and Bengals fans waiting outside the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, holding a vigil for Hamlin.

Buffalo Bills’ Damar Hamlin Critical After MNF Collapse Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

We are football fans and we cheer for our teams every week, and in some instances it can get very heated in the stands or online. When someone’s life is at stake, everything is put into perspective. Sometimes this sport (and sports in general) can bring out the worst of fandom and humanity in general. The unity in the stadium, outside the hospital, and millions of dollars in donations to Hamlin’s charity represent the best of humanity.

Thanks for reading and here’s to a full recovery for Damar Hamlin.