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Twitter reacts to Quandre Diggs and the Seahawks’ season-saving victory over the Rams

Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images

We all know how this game could have gone for the Seattle Seahawks. From the start, it had the look of a collapse like we have seen before at the hands of the LA Rams. But here came Quandre Diggs:

Before the picks, the game had all the basic ingredients:


Poor blocking...

Questionable playcalling...

Missed opportunities....

But this game was different. Maybe this team is just a little bit different. And ultimately, none of that ended up mattering, as the Seahawks somehow willed their way into the first season sweep of the LA Rams since 2013. Geno Smith had a complicated game, but with everything on the line, he put his team in a position to win. Multiple times. Today’s game had everything... drama on the first offensive play, turnovers, questionable calls, record breaking statistical achievements, Bobby Wagner, and... Pete Carroll wearing a hat??

The start to the games was... inauspicious, to say the least. In the rainy weather, neither team could get much of a passing game going.

Of course, the passing games heated up a bit and we got to see some big plays... like the touchdown to Lockett!

Kenneth Walker finished with a pretty special conclusion to his rookie season, and he put a definitive stamp on his OROY case with this performance (yes, even with the dancing).

Oh yeah... Bruuuuuuuuuce!

Deejay Dallas got in on some Wild Cat action, and he has to be one of my favorite under-the-radar guys in the NFL. He does a little bit of everything, and he always plays hard. That Wild Cat was fun today, too! At least, until Geno jumped!

Bobby Wagner got a lot of attention today, but Cody Barton has been a story to watch during this season; his play has improved noticeably, and he may be in line for pay raise in 2023.

In spite on an opening drive turnover, the Seahawks defense looked like they came to play today early on as they held the Rams to 3 on a short field, and generally kept Baker Mayfield in check.

Those penalties though...

Now, the rest is out of their hands. At 9-8, the Seahawks did the improbable and finished with a winning record. This is remarkable for a team that many had penciled in as one of the worst in the league prior to the season. Come what may, this team showed some grit when they needed it most. Go Lions.